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Mr. Toma brings over 40 years of entertainment industry experience to H.H.E.  including production, post-production, distribution, content acquisition and business development. Mr. Toma has held executive level positions across the entertainment industry including television, feature film, digital media and mobile smart phone application and publishing. David is the recipient of The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences EMMY Award.   David has been a valued member of H.H.E. for over 30 years providing support to the company as a writer, producer, post-production supervisor and distribution consultant.

Mr. DiIulio began his formal musical training when he was nine years of age. Within two years he was creating his own arrangements of songs he heard on the radio.  By the time he reached high school he was performing as a piano soloist in concert with the New Orleans Philharmonic and the Shreveport and Fort Worth symphony orchestras.

Mr. DiIulio originally entered the music business as a record producer and jingle composer. He was an assistant   directorship at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History where he conceptualized and designed the museum’s now famous OMNI Theater.  His other theatrical scores have played in theatres and aired on HBO, the Movie Channel, Showtime, and pay-per-views. In addition to independent films, Mr. DiIulio scored a handful of

Mr. Bergeman has been involved in Internet Technology and graphic design since the mid 1990's and has been managing successful websites (including e-commerce) for many years.

He has been involved with companies such as Intuit, UPS, Alorica, Faith With Works Publishing Company, The River Internet Connection and AA Back to Basics in capacities ranging from programming, technical support, technical support management, customer service, website design and implementation, and IT consultation

Who We Are

David Toma - Marketing Director

Mission Statement 

Hollywood Home Entertainment is an award winning, full service production company that specializes in documentary-style programming. Founded in 1984 in Los Angeles California, the company has created programs for broadcast and cable television networks, international corporations, nonprofit organizations, and advertising and public relations agencies.  

Ron DiIulio - Composer, Performer, and Audio Consultant

 movies for one of the most successful producers of independent cable movies, Andy Sidaris of Malibu Bay films.

His radio and television credits include: McDonald’s, Oldsmobile, Lockheed, U.S. Army, Isuzu, American Cancer Society, Nikko Toys, Dallas Mavericks, Taco Bell, and NASA.

Senior Media Expert/Government Contractor and retired Army Lt. Col. Jack Pagano is a dynamic, strategic producer/videographer with three decades of experience. He worked for US Ambassador Karl Eikenberry, the Government Media and Information Center and the Counterinsurgency Advisory and Assistance Team in Afghanistan. Lt. Col. (R) Pagano created, initiated and produced “game changing” video campaigns for ISAF Commander Gen John Allen, work that is saving lives.

Lt. Col. (R) Pagano has also been a Strategic Communicator overseas in Iraq,  TV News Director, FOX News Correspondent/Producer, Pre-Production supervisor at WSVN Miami.

Contact Information

Mr. Perry is an experienced producer and director who has produced, directed and created theatrical, dramatic and commercial productions. The Discovery channel aired his eight-hour series, "Frank Capra, The War Years.", New Line Cinema distributed his video collection of Frank Capra's "Why We Fight", and the video release of "Frank Capra, The War Years" was in worldwide distribution by RCA Columbia. His 26-hour series "Hollywood Goes To War" was in worldwide distribution by Vision International, and was aired domestically on PBS. "Hollywood Goes To War" was under license to American Movie Classics and first aired on that network in June 1998. He also earned recognition as producer for theatrical productions, most notably Dennis Hacken's "69 Below" starring John Laraquette.

Gary Needle – Co-owner Enter the Crypt, LLC

Enter the Crypt is an international program production, licensing and marketing company that specializes in production and distribution of entertainment and intellectual content. Develops and maintains existing world wide relationships with rights owners, producers, distributors and licensees.

Gary is responsible for day to day management of Home Video Distribution Company. Distributed 100's of titles such as: RKO Classic movies; Major League Baseball programming; NFL videos and many well-known documentaries and independent and cult films to all key national accounts.Type your paragraph here.

Thomas Perry - Director/Writer

As a producer and director Mr. Perry has won a number of prestigious awards for his work on educational and documentary films. He won a C.I.N.E. Golden Eagle for the best social documentary "A Far Cry From Yesterday". Huichole - People of the Peyote", narrated by Ricardo Montalban, won Arizona's Bicentennial Film Commission award for best documentary and placed second in the American Film Festival for best ethnographic documentary. Also, his video entitled "The Magic of Money" won the Film Advisory Board Award of Excellence for a children's education video.

Lt. Col. (R) Jack Pagano -​ In-house Producer and  Military Advisor

Will Williams - Producer/Writer

Eugene Bergeman - Internet Technology Consultant

Hollywood Home Entertainment’s mission is to create programming that engages the viewer both emotionally and intellectually through expertly shot and edited productions. 

Copyright 2016 Hollywood Home Entertainment. All rights reserved. 

About Us

Lt. Col. (R) Pagano is an active member of American Legion and sits on the Board of Directors of Veteranrescue.org. An enduring nonprofit that helps "challenged" veterans returning from Afghanistan and Iraq.

Will Williams is a media and video specialist skilled in video and audio production, content creation, project and product management, digital analytics and online-offline sales and marketing. Will Williams was born and raised in Richmond, Virginia. He majored in photojournalism at Kent State University and went on to establish himself as a freelance photographer covering the music and auto racing scenes. Will successfully migrated from still photography to film, video and television in the early 80’s as a shooter, editor and director. From local TV shows, big budget corporate videos and national ad spots, Will moved to Los Angeles and cable network programming with a producer-editor spot on Hollywood Home Entertainment’s FRANK CAPRA’S THE WAR YEARS series on the Discovery Channel, followed by the epic 26 hour series HOLLYWOOD GOES TO WAR.  Will went on to produce a series of long form concert TV events, videos and documentaries including the first commercial HD rock concert PETER FRAMPTON LIVE IN DETROIT. 

John Barrow – Owner of The Barrow Network and Voicemaster at World-Voices.com

The Barrow Network is a close network of professional voice talents, narrators, translators, and audio specialists native to English and twelve world languages.

Experience includes: radio/TV commercials, documentaries, e-learning, corporate videos, explainer videos, and more.